General Lab Rules

"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, TEACH a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime"

Please be guided by the rules of Common Sense and Reasonable Conduct
  • No recreational Cellphone use in class
  • No Videogames in the class

JMSS Computer Lab Use

  1. No Food or Drinks in the computer labs
  2. Help care for the machines
    Do not do anything that will mar or compromise use of the computers...ever!
    1. Be patient with computers that crash or freeze - it WILL happen often due to the demanding software we use in the course. It's your responsibility to anticipate and prevent data loss
    2. Do not overtax the network: Do not use the computer as a music player - either by playing a music CD or by streaming media through the network; it puts unnecessary wear and tear on the hardware and on the school's bandwidth
    3. Do not MOVE or modify the hardware or software
      1. Leave all cables and components as you find them
      2. Do not modify desktop wallpaper or screen display unnecessarily
      3. Never install or run non-academic software, including games or instant messaging utilities.
  3. Respect your classmates
    1. If you see another student has accidentally left their user account open, close it for them - they'll do the same for you.
    2. Use earbuds to audit sound in your projects
    3. NEVER do anything that might cause a student to lose their work

Intentional violation of these rules may result in the suspension or removal of a student's computer privileges.
Maintaining your computer privileges is essential to completing this course.

OCDSB Acceptable Use of Computers Rules

  • Read the AUP
    Before you use the school's computer network, you should be familiar with the AUP - Acceptable User (or Usage) Policy

Rules of Common Sense

  • Attendance
    • If you know you are going to miss an upcoming class - it is your responsibility to:
      • Inform the instructor in advance
      • Have a classmate take notes for you on the day you miss class
      • Catch up on the missed work on your own time - Check this site for ongoing class notes
    • You can NOT expect to catch up DURING upcoming classes - you'll always remain a step behind. The solution is for you to GET CAUGHT UP on your OWN time, and be ready for new instruction!
  • Assignments
    • Projects will be deadline driven. If a student is unable to complete a project by the prescribed deadline, they must make arrangements with the instructor to establish a reasonable alternative, and to make extra efforts to catch up to the rest of the class.