The video unit includes the following projects:
"Shots", "Who Am I", "Interview Shots", and "30 Second TV Commercials". Each of these will require you to work in groups of at least 2 if not 3. Interview Shots and 30 second TV commercials require you to edit. It is therefore recommended that you complete the Adobe Premeire Elements tutorial prior to starting either of these projects. Who Am I will require you to apply your script in the sequence of shots as they occur. Most EFP (electronic field production) does not occur this way. Many scenes are shot out of sequence dependent upon such factors as location, lighting, time of day, time of year (season), availability of cast etc. These are then put together in sequence as part of the post production process.

It should be noted that all projects involve three phases of production, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production.
  • Pre-Production; all planning, budgeting, scripting, storyboarding, equipment booking, scheduling, hiring or assigning staff, signing release forms (location and people), booking locations, set design, lighting design, set-construction, costume design - manufacturing, props assembly, table readings, sound design, writing a musical score, graphic design etc.
  • Production; on-site/location, set-erection, makeup, costume, lighting, rehersal, shooting, edit logging, continuinty tracking, etc.
  • Post Production; editing, sound mixing and recording, overdubbing, voice work, graphics development,
While this list of activities may seem a bit extensive for our little projects, it is good to know that Television production and Movie/film production are very detailed and sophisticated businesses that include many different job classifications and mulitple tasks. The co-ordination of all these is the responsiblitiy of a PRODUCER. You are all going to be PRODUCER's in a small way. You must pay attention to the details of each phase of production to insure your project is a success. The most important and time consuming of these three phases of production is that of pre-production. The importance of good pre-production cannot be emphasized enough. This planning process is key to insuring that your cast and crew are well informed of all that is to happen within the production. This phase of production is also that time when effective team building and leadership skills are important. Take advantage of this time to insure you are going to be successfull. It is not a time to procrastinate. Get busy and make things happen. Plan it, organize it, and communicate the plan to all those involved.