Introduction: Radio commercial production is one of the most creative and technically sophisticated forms of sound mixing any operator can be challenged with.
Task Description: Your task is to produce a 30 second commercial, incorporating at least 3 different input sources and 5 types of sound recording, (ie. sound effects, music, voice overs)
Task Steps:
  1. Pick a partner to produce your commercial. (You can work in groups of 2 or 3)
  2. Choose a product or service that you will represent as a commercial producer.
  3. Research your product.
  4. Develop a concept for the commercial, include any special target market you may wish to address and how you are going to sell the product using radio.
  5. Book out any equipment you will need to produce your commercial.
  6. Browse through the CD Library catalogue to identify sound effects you may wish to use in your commercial. Or go on-line to anyone of the many sound effects libraries on-line. You should be able to download a .wav or mp3 file for use in your commercial. If you find a sound effect that cannot be downloaded you can always record the analogue o/p into an audacity file using the stereo mix function. Check out the handout folder - May - Media - Audio for sound effects.
  7. Draft a script and submit it for approval before proceeding. Word documents can be submitted to the hand-in folder or collaborate on your script using Google Docs and share it with your instructor. Investigate formats for commercials ie. "the testiomonial", "endorsements", "skits", "announcers". Remember to try and incorporate a tag line - and a "call to action", (what your customer should be doing).
  8. Rehearse your copy and practice mixing sound sources.
  9. Record the commercial using audacity. Upon completion export to a wav or mp3 file. Preferably an mp3 file – submit the mp3 version of your commercial to the hand-in folder.
If you’d like to archive your commercial onto an mp3 player / ipod, feel free to do so. i-tunes is on the computers in 202

Things to remember:
  • You are trying to paint a visual image in your listeners mind.
  • You have at the very least 5 seconds to attract the undivided attention of your listener
  • Follow the format for ‘ radio copy found in the sample scripts on the handout folder
  • Call the listener to "Action"
  • Establish product / service identity in the listeners mind
  • Make it entertaining, make it exciting, make it sell.