The 30 Second Television CommercialIntroduction
Having completed the Media Contact Survey, you will now have a greater appreciation of the effect of media advertising on your lives. Television commercials are among the most widely used form of advertising. Good Television commercials are creative, technically sophisticated, quickly paced, and have a high degree of visual / aural impact. Their production is designed to stimulate viewer action.
Task Description
Your task is to produce a 30 second television commercial that combines these elements. You will be marked by your peers on how effective your commercial is with respect to their desire to take action. You will work in groups of three on this assignment.
Task Steps
  • Choose a product or service
  • Research the product or service
  • Draft a; Script outline, Storyboard, Script and shot list
  • Book the equipment you will need to produce your commercial (see goo bookingsystem)
  • Shoot your commercial
  • Capture the footage
  • Edit the footage as per the storyboard, ad music, voice overs, Sound effects graphics, dve (digital video effects), and any transitions that may be required
  • Submit your digital video file (.mov – quicktime format) , Script, Storyboard and shot list
Group will evaluate the quality of work of their peers, giving a mark out of ten for the overall effectiveness of each member’s work. Your teacher will mark the research, (thinking and inquiry) the storyboard,(knowledge and understanding) the script,(thinking and inquiry) the shot list, (communication) the editing, (application) and the camera work, (application) and the on-camera presentation, (communication).

Sample commercials: Thats not cool