Rendering AVI Movies

To turn your AN8 animation into a TRUE digital animation, it will have to be RENDERED (Drawn frame by frame) into an AVI format video file.
Digital Videos and Animations in the form or AVIs are TRICKY for two reasons:
  1. The filesizes can be ENORMOUS - a one minute AVI can be HUNDREDS of megabytes in size - more than you can store in your assigned server space
  2. To keep the filesizes down, there are DOZENS of compression "CODECS" - but they need to be installed on your computer, and any computer that will view the AVI.

To handle these challenges in the classroom, you should ALWAYS
  • Render your animations to the "D: drive" (a very large chunk of the harddrive that you are currently sitting at) and
  • Use XVid as your compressor. (Lagarith is better for higher quality work, but only works inside our classroom for work in progress)
Failure to follow these instructions will likely result in your render failing, and possibly your file crashing.

Here's the step by step:
  1. Use the dropdown menu RENDER | RENDER MOVIE
  2. Choose a meaningful name and point to your D: drive (harddrive) in MY DOCUMENTS - (Once again, DON'T save to your P: drive - excessive filesizes will crash the program)
  3. Set the IMAGE SIZE (Resolution) to either
    1. Stadard Definition: 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall
    2. Widescreen: 800 pixels wide x 450 pixels tall
  4. Leave Antialiased OFF as this is preliminary "rough" work
  5. Click OK and set the compression
    1. COMPRESSOR should be set to
      1. XVid for the smallest filesizes and greatest compatibility
      2. LARAGITH is sometimes used (if it's available) for the best quality
  6. Click OK and begin rendering the animation
    1. Rendering could typically take between 15 seconds and 15 minutes, depending on your POLYCOUNT and lighting. You have 330 frames to render - if it seems to be taking forever, you may need to go back to the original models and make them more "efficient" with lower polycounts
  7. Go play your AVI
    1. Locate it on the D: drive and try playing it.
      1. If there are corrections you can make for it to look better (adjust lighting, timing, movement models etc.) this is the time to do it!
      2. If it looks good to you, Render an ANTIALIASED version - but watch out that you have enough time left in the class to actually complete it! AntiAliased renders should be saved for when you're SURE the animation

  • Try to add a very slow SPIN to the earth
  • Add a subtle bobbing motion to the wingcam
  • Make the saucer "bank" slightly as it turns the corner