Level 4: Exemplary
Level 3: Competent
Level 2: Fair
Level 1: Poor
The modes used are exceptionally well designed and complete, without excessive polycount
The models accurately include all prescribed features
The models are simplified or slightly flawed versions of the original specifications
The models are inaccurate or represent an incomplete attempt at creating the assigned assignment
Animation & Timing
Motion is particularly elegant and believable
Motion is good, and communicates the intended story
Motion is a bit erratic or in need of better timing
Motion is poorly executed or incomplete to tell the desired story
Camera Work
Approrpriate use of camera motion, composition, zoom and multicams creates a professional look to the animation
Camera work is competant and complete
Camerawork is non-existant or betrays a lack of control, but the story is communicated anyway
Camerawork is flawed such that it compromises the animation & story
Skills from earlier units (such as Materials, Environment Settings, Lighting and Camerawork) have been used exceptionally well to create an outstanding product
Skills from earlier units have been used appropriately to create an enhanced product
The animation is particularly simple without much enhancement
The animation indicates that earlier skills are lacking