It can be tricky getting used to changing your view, or "Moving Around" in Anim8or's virtual space. Here are some tips:
1. Max out your screen
  • IF you're having trouble grabbing ahold of objects, make sure your screen is MAXIMIZED on your monitor - it will make the interface easier to deal with.

2. Zoom in with "F" Anim8or_Fillframe.png
  • Hitt the F key on the keyboard to FILL the screen - zooming in or out to show any and all objects in your 3D "Universe"
  • Hitting SHIFT-F will zoom in or out only on SELECTED elements
    Try selecting only the DOME of the saucer and SHIFT-F to zoom in on it. Hit F again to show the complete saucer

3. ARC-ROTATE with CTRL-R anim8or b_arc_rotate_u.gifAnim8or_ArcRotate.png
  • Arc Rotate changes ONLY YOUR VIEW - not the actual angle of any object. You know it's on when you can see a green "Targeting Reticle" (A circle with handles on it) superimposed on your screen - learn to turn it on and off quickly, and your'll REALLY speed up your model development - it's one of the HANDIEST tricks you can learn in Anim8or!)
    • ROTATE around your object using the LEFT Mousebutton - INSIDE the circular reticle
    • TILT around the Z-axis using the LEFT Mousebutton - OUTSIDE the circular reticle
    • STRAFE left right up or down using the RIGHT Mousebutton - INSIDE the circular reticle
    • MOVE IN using the MIDDLE Mousebutton - INSIDE the circular reticle (Very Useful!)

4. Turn on QUAD ViewAnim8or_Quadview_Simple.png
  • Hit the DEL key in the bottom right corner of your keyboard
  • Choose your VIEWS
    Click one of the four sub-windows and try each of the four buttons on your numeric keypad to select an isometric view:
    • [5] FRONT VIEW - start here - it's the middle of your keypad, and the most useful view
    • [4] and [6] are LEFT and RIGHT
    • [8] and [2] are TOP and BOTTOM
    • [7] is BACK
    • [9] and [3] are ORTHO and PERSPECTIVE
    • [1] Does nothing :^(