Using a Digital Camera

Most households now own a digital camera
Even the cameras built into a camera phone can take GOOD pictures, and even the most expensive DSLRs can take POOR pictures - it's really up to the PHOTOGRAPHER to make the most of the equipment they're using.

The parts and terms important to a CAMERA include:
  • MODE selection
  • Resolution
  • Aperature
  • Shutter
  • Lens
  • CCD (Charge Couple Device)
  • Zoom (Optical vs Digital)

  • Focus
  • Exposure
  • White Balance

  • PLEASE USE CARE when handling the equipment
    Students have permanently damaged equipment doing the following:
    • Inserting the SD card into the camera backwards
    • Twisting a camera onto a tripod
    • Closing the battery compartment improperly, and breaking the plastic tabs
    • Not loosening the tripod locks before trying a pan, tilt or pedestal movement
    • Overtightening or overloosening the tripod pad, tilt or pedestal locks - breaking the plastic
    • Overtightnening a LIGHTING lock
    • Not PROPERLY EJECTING a card reader before removing it
    • Not GROUNDING themselves before plugging in a Card Reader